FML Group Industrial Ltd, was established in 1979, is a Hong Kong based enterprise with manufacturing in China. FML Group is
ISO 9001:2000 certified for our commitment in quality management. Our tenet providing services to society create profits for our partner. And our quality target 100% eligibility rate of products, 100% eligibility rate of process. Inquire today to find out more about our advanced OEM/ODM contract manufacturing services. Our manufacturing services including:

• Chip-on-board (COB) bonding
• Through-hole (TH) PCB assembly
• Surface-mount-technology (SMT) PCB assembly
• Ball-grid-array (BGA and micro BGA)
• Pb free and Rohs compliance process
• In-house plastic and sheet metal molding
• Plastic injection
• Sheet metal stamping
• CNC Turret press punching

Our manufacturing plant is located in Dongguan, China with a total 120,000 square feet with over 850 staff. We strongly believe
in the value of our staff and strive to maintain a working environment that fosters creativity and offers job satisfaction.

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• Welding
• Die casting
• Silk-screening, pad-printing, painting and powder coating
• Functional testing, ICT testing, burn-in testing, automatic optical inspection (AOI) to chip programming, Mac address programming, serializing and
labeling to completed box built
• Support new product introduction (NPI) and low volume high mix
• Offer turnkey and consignment services

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